Middle School Technology Conference, IU13, November 17, 2009

Keynote - Jim Gates - Changes in Education - It's not your mother's classroom OR her students


CreativeCommons.org - new copyright license
Way to share pictures and video without being illegal - retains ownership
Use Google Images Advanced Search - Usage rights

Two Stories -- Two Spectrums
(1) COW - Girl wanted to print - printer not on network - girl naturally suggested to add to blog (don't publish) then get from machine with printer - 3rd grader
(2) CFF Coach - New Polyvision board - started using - not going well all day long - technology overwhelming - was using remote in wrong hand

How things have changed
15th Century classroom - resistant/inappropriate to printing --- Today - cell phones, etc. inappropriate - students leading way
1957 - Got textbooks to borrow and return - slide rules - encyclopedia set
Today - don't need textbooks if have laptop - learning doesn't have to take place in school - come to school with iPhones that have lots of apps available

Context of school has changed - global everything, carrying knowledge with us - pressure from all sides (parents, fed. gov't)

Not a matter of if this will change, but when it will change.

Inaugural Blog Project - planned live blogging

Horizon Project - Wiki - 13 teams from 7 countries
Flat Classroom Project - used a Ning

Global Perspective

It's not about what you can do with a wiki, but what students can do with it.

Google Docs - Forms - multiple editors
Can add Map gadget or plot numbers as they enter in the numbers
How do your kids collaborate?

www.officelive.com - with Office 2007 or 2008 on Mac - free from Microsoft - free workspace or website
If you can use Google Docs, next best option.

How do your students manage the information they find when researching?
Diigo example - highlighted and started Sticky Notes conversation - beats highlighter on printed paper

Zoomit - Microsoft site - lets you zoom in on PC - downloaded and working on my Netbook:-)

Wolfram Alpha - new search engine - computes the answer

Google Squared - table of information - not very good yet

Google Earth - Gallery of kmz files

How do your tests change when students have access to almost everything?

Need to change this billboard seen in Africa? - from "German engineering, Swiss innovation, and American nothing" to "American engineering, American innovation, American everything"

GeoGreeting - creates animated graphic using letter shaped buildings from satellite images - spelled THANK YOU