Middle School Technology Conference, IU13, November 17, 2009

Using a Smart Board in the Life Science Classroom

Alex Shubert - Elizabethtown School District

Uses a Smartboard mounted to the wall and projecting from the ceiling - 3rd year using

Most of slides in PDF format on conference wiki page

Sharing his units - ideas - using program called Notebook (comes with SmartBoard) - used to use PowerPoint

Editing mode with tools on the side - usually present in full screen

HS - Using Polyvision - no applications to easily work with
With Notebook - can write on slides and save

Create groups - organize slides by Key Questions

  • Can import slides from PowerPoint
  • Vocab. slides
  • Highlight hypothesis, conclusions, etc.in scenario
  • Detailed drawing can be saved and put onto a test (after removing parts)
  • Could save slide with something at top - pull back up and add to the bottom
  • Data collection table
  • Scan in old handouts/overheads - import from Word
  • Can add to the "background" which is usually locked - do a select all and look the added pieces too
  • Brainstorming list
  • Link to websites
  • Can sequence steps by dragging text blocks or pictures - manipulatives
  • Table with pictures and tap for label to appear - to get it ready for next period - usually quit to reset the table
  • Human body system labels on chart
  • Screenshade to cover part of the screen and then slowly reveal
  • Vocab. with preprinted definition on worksheet - they add importance block, fact, and drawing
  • Can trace path on a graphic organizer web picture
  • Trace watersheds on map
  • Genetic traits wheel
  • Visual representations - what used to be an overhead
  • Pre-made slides with graph paper, etc.
  • Field of view (before using microscopes) - zoom in to show view doesn't change
  • Link to video clips or embed it
  • Can save as PDF and drag in, but too small - so uses screen capture (camera in Notebook program) - can resize - Open L to lock it on the slide
  • Dice interactive with the software
  • Jeopardy review from PowerPoint idea
  • Pictionary board idea - drawing on white board next to the Smartboard - kid who doesn't want to draw runs the board
  • Ruler/compass tools
  • Video capture tool built in
  • Link to PowerPoint show - didn't have to then modify

  • Recommends when experimenting to save copy before making lots of changes
  • If he likes it he saves it, if he doesn't he redoes it the next period.
  • Highlighter pen likes to try to straighten.
  • "You can give a student a worksheet and explain it, but it is better to show them."
  • Helpful with tutoring sessions one-on-one students
  • Flash on Mac doesn't work well
  • Can copy and paste from many other applications
  • Lock background slides - other pieces to be manipulated
  • Uses view camera and can take pictures to use on board

Website To Check Out Later:

How interactive is this with students in a class of 20+? Only one student or teacher would be interacting at one time.
It seems like it would take a lot of time to create all the interactive pieces on the slides, importing, etc.