Middle School Technology Conference, IU13, November 17, 2009

Wonderful World of Wikis and Words

Chris Weidner - ELCO Middle School - Social Studies Teacher

Examples - in handout and found one in Reading newspaper

What He Did with Students:
(1) First time students go through notes and pair/share for most important concepts and keywords and then teacher typed in Wordle
(2) Students created their own based on Ben Franklin quotes
(3) Students read a passage and then cut and pasted

Ideas of Using Wordle:
  • Ticket In the Door or Ticket Out the Door based on an Essential Question
  • Test review
  • Quick Write writing prompts
  • Summarizing activities - based on written summaries
  • 7 and 7 review - choose seven items they learned and then they need to come up with seven words under each of the words - compare with partner
  • Poster showing topics or items covered
  • Give to students as vocabulary introduction and have them categorize the words
  • Go to morewords.com and find other words with the same meanings

Can save onto the public World site
Can use Grab on the Mac or Shift/Command/4 to take a specific area screenshot
Maybe CutePDF on PC?

Use tilda ~ between two words to keep them together

Wikis for student responses to essential questions, journaling, student collaboration and more!

  • Using one under web.elcosd.org/groups/msweidner
  • Using with 8th grade honors class only
  • Posting essential questions
  • Example -students chose Ben Franklin quote and explained what they thought it meant