Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 24, 2010

Closing - Dr. Z

Phone connection and using

Used "Avatar" as example of what skills students need for the future - learners, workers, citizens

Principles for Learning
  1. Being literate is at the heart of learning in every subject area.
  2. Learning is a social act.
  3. Learning about learning establishes a habit of inquiry and life-long learning.
  4. Assessing progress is part of learning.
  5. Learning includes turning information into knowledge using multiple media.
  6. Learning occurs in a global context.

The T&E of STEM
Schemata for the STEM - Foundation for All Students, Technology Certification, Engineering Ready
To close gaps in PA - adequacy (funding-more than half of PA school districts need $2000 or more per student to close gap), achievement, expectations (adult expectations not readiness level keeping students from taking advanced classes)

Standards Aligned System - SAS - uniform student success