2010 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 22, 2010

Conquering Copyright Confusion
Kristin Hokanson, Temple University Media Education

To create a balance between the owners rights and users rights.

Students need to be thinking about they use the work.

Doctrine of Fair Use - Context & Situation
When the cost to the copyright holder is less than the value to society
Nature of the Use
Purpose of the Use
Transformativeness - repurpose,

Digital technology is the ability to create user generated content

Codes of Best Practices


Scenario - A team of elementary educators shows the Disney move "The Little Mermaid" to three classes of Grade 3 students on the day before winter break in the school auditorium. - Not fair use
Comparing/contrasting to Pocohantas - Fair use

Sample - Student extra credit project comparing Sudan with death camps of WWII - included lots of pictures with text and music -
Gave credit for pictures

Copyright Clarity - How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning by Renee Hobbs