2010 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 22, 2010

A Great Gamut of Gizmos!
Scott Faust

www.mhstigermusic.com and click Resources

Audacity - links from his site
  • Can drag in any .mp3 or .wav
  • Saves as an aup file, but you can go to export and save as other formats - usually uses .mp3 - need LAME encoder downloaded - can add .mp3 or .wav to PowerPoint
  • Examples - remake of Michael Jackson song

Windows Movie Maker - links - comes on Windows PC machines
  • Video creator and editing software
  • Make a folder and stick everything in that folder including the pictures, clips, and Movie Maker file
  • Examples - claymation, Microsoft example links from his site

Photo Story - links

Scratch - links
  • Business Class
  • Tried by having juniors and seniors research 5th grade math standards. Then they designed a game to teach the concepts - 5th graders tried it and gave feedback – then revised
  • Next year did more as the teachers are clients, sent memos, designed what they wanted for review
  • Students had to add modification notes
  • You can bring in your own photos and music

Poll Everywhere - links
  • Limited to 30? for free version
  • Can embed into a PowerPoint

MyWebspiration - links
  • Presented using mind maps on specific topic

Quizlet - links

Prezi - dynamic presentation tool

Google Sites - links and
Wikispaces - links
  • Bootup Log - with activity question for Computer LIt class during the first few minutes - answer in Excel document