Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 24, 2010

Catch the Google Wave - WOW!

Justine Kobeski and Jim Gates - Moodle with resources and links to various conference presentations
This presentation

You will see four different panels. There are gadgets you can add to make it more interesting.

First panel in the upper left looks like Gmail with Inbox, etc.
You can save searches.
There is also a folders option.
You can follow different waves.
You can search with:public, such as with:public education - she found one on using Wave in education

Add the contact - ???
You can add a "robot" to your discussion that uses wikipedia definitions <wikify winter> - example will now go out to wikipedia to the wikipedia page about winter. Use less than sign, the word wikify, space, word you are looking for, and then hit "Done" button. You can also do wikidef instead of wikify

Starting a wave

You can add tags to help with searching

Jim has a Diigo list of extensions. - not working

Found this one

The big feature is the Playback button which plays everything that happened in the Wave.

You can add video, etc.