2010 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 22-24, 2010

Other Sessions Where No One Was Able to Attend

Math 2.0 Creativity and Collaboration

Using Ning as a School Social Network

Wordle - Interacting with Text

Take One - Action! - Movie Trailers on the First Take

Project Based Wiki Learning

Professional Development Made Easier by Technology

iPods in the Classroom
and CoverIt Live of presentation

Comic Making for 21st Century PD

www.goanimate is an animated film creator. It is as easy as drag and drop you can add music and really incredible transitions. Best of all it is free.
www.blabberize.com allows you to make any picture talk. I have used this to create interesting embeds in my wiki...Shakespeare talking about himself, James Joyce talking about Portrait of an Artist, a rabbit singing...
www.toondoo.com has an education portal that is fee based, but there is a free version

I'm Not a Designer, but I Play One in my Classroom

Extreme Google Earth


Collaboration Through Technology Immersion

Cyberbullying - Do You Know