2010 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 22, 2010

The Educator's Role in Safe Computing
Jana Baxter and Ann Noonen (Allegheny Intermediate Unit)

3 Areas:
  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Ethics - code of safe and responsible behavior on Internet community
  • Cyber Safety - There is a need for resources for parents, educators, and children for staying safe online.

Educators are teachers, authority figures, facilitators, mentors, counselors; and protectors. It is now the role of the educator to practice safe computing.

Lower Merion School District - gave out computers to students in 1-to-1 initiative, installed program to track stolen computers, picture was taken of student supposedly dealing drugs - don't know whole story - Were parents informed of software and how it could be used? There has to be some sort of accountability. Supposedly in 3 years of initiative, they have only used the cameras 42 times.

Google Fast Flip - can use to pull newspaper articles into one page - used to pull up articles on LMSD

Cyber Safety - Dedicate one class to what is expected when going online from school, avoid letting students search and wander*, look for students turning off monitors quickly, find ways to use tecnologies to enhance teaching/learning rather than banning everything

Proximity - best preventative, also watch for minimizing/putting on Dock

JogtheWeb.com* - to control what sites they are going to