Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 23, 2010

Web 2.0 for Reflection and Assessment

Andy Petroski
Director and Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies at Harrisburg University


Mindmapping - concept mapping with central theme with branches out - web-based and can invite others to edit or just view, limited capabilities with free version
  • Add notes, attachments, links
  • Can export as PDF
  • Limited number with free version - to 3? at a time
  • ? Comparison to Bubbilous and MyWebspiration

  • Assignment Example - Map your thoughts on learning technologies knowledge at the beginning of the semester, mid-semester, and end of semester
  • Good way to get a picture of prior knowledge
  • Reflection at end of semester - has it changed from the beginning
  • Share??

Word Clouds
  • Screen capture
  • Embed code back to link
  • Print as PDF

Examples of Uses:
  • Discussion forum posts copied into word cloud
  • Shakespeare - words put into cloud and have students compare and see which words they don't understand
  • 7th graders - wrote traditional poems and then put into Wordle to see another way to show poetry - doesn't have to be linear plus showed repetition
  • Review/summative - journaled and then added to Wordle to see the general themes that were coming out
  • Compare to make sure there isn't cheating/common themes - writings are very different - very similar to Wordle but can do shapes?

Google Forms