Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference
February 24, 2010

iPod Touch in the Classroom

LuAnne Jackson from Professional Development with Apple -
Steve Zalot -
Tracey McGrath - Philadelphia School District -

She is using a remote that is an app on her Touch.

  • Same as iPhone and great for collaboration
  • Ability to connect to Web with WiFI
  • Organizing aspects of notes, calendar, apps, mail

Digital Learning Environment to Collaborate, Access, and Distribute - needs mobility

Can customize

Out of the box it has:
  • Clock - for alarms, watches, countdowns, and clocks around the world
  • Calculator - basic but can download a higher scientific
  • Safari - for web browsing
  • Calendar
  • Mail
  • Stocks - money investment simulation - up to 6 - great way to look at finances
  • Weather - can look globally - geography -
  • Maps - worldwide
  • Notes - brainstorming, research - can e-mail

Enhanced Podcast using Garageband for students to download
iTunes U - for K-12

Scavenger Hunt for 3rd Grade
  • Maps - typed in Grand Canyon - where is it, what state (use pinch to resize - then switch to satellite view and zoom in - is there a body of water in the canyon
  • Safari - to search for Grand Canyon river
  • Notes -
  • Back to Safari to look for pictures - images: grand canyon - to teach them to search better
  • Can take a snapshot by holding down the main button at the bottom and the power button at the top - places in Photos
  • Clock - go to World Clock - tried Grand Canyon - doesn't show up - so use Phoenix - compare Philadelphia n-
  • Check website for rest of it

Voice Memo - will need microphone - $1.22 on Amazon - mini microphone + iPod - you could then Skype with Touch

With newest iTunes you can organize apps on a sidebar - such as Reference, Productivity, Language, Science - all are on the website

Top App Recommendations
  • Evernote - amazing tool - can sync with computer - has camera roll and voice messaging
  • iFlashcards Free - can customize your own cards
  • My Homework - her MS daughter loves it

  • - includes pronunciation
  • Google - can get to Docs, Reader, Buzz, etc
  • Flickr Search - find images - example - acute triangle - can save to Photo Library

Language Arts:
  • Miss Spell's Class
  • Vocabulary Cartoons
  • Whirly Word

  • Basic Math Facts - elementary
  • Math Ref - middle school
  • Tangrams LE

  • 101 Science'
  • Science Videos from Science House
  • Periodic Table

Social Studies:
  • USA Free - United States Fact Book
  • Daily History
  • History Maps of the World

Managing iPod Labs - Best Practices:
Was designed as consumer device but great educational value

Working with a Lab
  • Bretford PowerSync Cart - for up to 40 iPods - $2299.95 - each drawer is a 20 iPod hub
  • Bretford PowerSync Case - for up to 20 iPods - $1199.95 - basically one of the drawers inside a portable case
  • Parat ParaSync - up to 20 iPods - $980 - designed more for a checkin/checkout situation - with universal dock insert
  • Consult the owner's guide for cart/dock including online
  • Use the same copy of iTunes - also use one login/account & iTunes library
  • 1st time setup, configure 1 iPod at a time - be patient and do to save time later
  • Provide unique name for each iPod
  • Do NOT enable disk use!
  • Use Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later - other wise it doesn't allow multiple syncing

IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera to use for iPod Instruction (
  • 2 megapixel
  • Macro mode for closeups
  • Flexible, multi-jointed stand
  • Plug & Play USB
  • $69
  • Recommend rubbery shelf liner to keep iPod from moving when touching

Setting up iTunes
  • Use checkboxes for syncing playlists, artists
  • Use one Mac login (such as iPod Cart Sync)
  • Use one copy of iTunes
  • Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card - since need an active iTunes account to download apps
    • App Store - will need to possibly turn off account that was being used
    • Buy a Free App - to trigger registration form
    • Will need to supply e-mail address
    • Choose None
    • Will get an e-mail to activate

Management Tips
n iTunes - can adjust to what shows up on each screen under applications for syncing
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Support
iPhone OS Enterprise Deployment Guide for IT

Three choices of iPods
  • iPod classic with 36 hours of music, 6 hours video, no apps
  • iPod nano - video camera, 2.2 inch display, microphone & speaker, VoiceOver, FM radio, built-in pedometer, not a still camera
  • iPod touch *802.11 b & g, 32 & 64 have faster processor and faster graphics processor, ability for voice control - so includes earbuds with speaker, have screen zoom - check out for Flip camera activities, video, etc.