2011 PETE&C
Closing with Bill Strickland

The Art of Leadership
featured in "Waiting for Superman"
Making the Impossible Possible

No prepared speech - people were more concerned about length of speech
Grew up and lives in same neighborhood in Pittsburgh

Likes to speak with educators to remind them that they are special
He owes a lot to teachers in his past - Frank Ross in HS in 60s convinced him to apply to Pitt

Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
created to pull troubled kids off the street to work with clay in 1968
Bidwell Training Center - poverty program he took over in 1972
owed IRS $300,000 when he took over

Mr. Ross took kids to Falling Waters by Wright
He eventually hired one of Wright's students to build the center
No metal detectors, etc. - schools need to take out metal detectors
"People are function of environment"

Poor people are often not looking at the sun - wanted to flood the building with sunlight
"The only cure for cancer of the spirit is beauty and sunlight."

We are losing our country. The work force skills are going down. We need to be leading the world in technology and education.
Treat everybody right. Something good will happen to you.

The arts is a bridge to walk across to a new life. Unlock imagination; unlock learning.
Gallery to show students' work.

Beautiful environments create beautiful people.

Greenhouse for horticulture program - grow orchids

National Center for Arts & Technology - in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, San Francisco

eBay founder - 40 some years old, 5 billion, etc.
Jeff and Bill have built centers as partnership with public schools

Nothing wrong with kids that affection and sunlight can't cure.

One of the ways we know we've reached the kids is when they start pulling up their pants and putting on a belt

"Make the Impossible Possible" book - buy to get him closer to Oprah

We as teachers have the ability to affect the destiny of our students and community.