2011 PETE&C
Managing Your Digital Identity
Kyli Yerse
Beaver and Allegheny County Prof. Dev.

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Have you “Googled” yourself lately? What about your students? Do the search results reflect how you would like to be portrayed online? Learn
some simple ways to manage and maintain a digital identity that
represents you positively. The ways in which these strategies can be
used with students, colleagues and family members will also be explored.

Session Resources: http://edtechnation.pbworks.com/Managing-Your-Digital-Identity

Create, Collect, Monitor, Maintain


Facebook Privacy Settings - What is your right amount of privacy?

Facebook Privacy - 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know
Tend to bring out new settings and are usually set for everyone so you need to opt-out


Participant - "We block Facebook. Encourage edmodo, etc.instead"
Another - "We encourage a 'professional' account." Facebook violation to have 2nd account???

go2web2 - encourage to explore interests, show students we are online users too
knowem.com - is this a user name available and to see new tools
icons.mysitemywas.com - royalty free icons to use
myavatareditor.com - create an avatar to use online
befunky.com - edit photo with effects - don't need to log on

Place to collect the sites you really want to share with people
Creating a portfolio about/for yourself
Easiest to Complex ---
unhub.com (similar to jogtheweb) - I want these websites to load
www.flavors.me - based on RSS feeds, can expand, work with panels

Most of these have you creating a bio. She recommends a little bit of personal and professional interests not personal information
chi.mp -- best for showcasing who you are and what you do

Personalized search
Getting alerts

Google Grader
Personas - http://personas.media.mit.edu/personasWeb.html
socialmention.com - shows sentiment and good way to show students how famous people are perceived

Google Alerts - Add your name, maiden name, etc. to show what appears online
Participant - suggested using with Google Reader, use with gmail to manage your alerts
Another participant - add your child's name, especially a teenager, to keep an eye on them

Most of these shouldn't be pulling private information - so check settings if you show up for Facebook

Lastpass.com - will only need to remember one password and will store all your other passwords - feels it is very secure and uses it for even bank accounts