The SAS e-Connection
Cheryl Capozzoli Instructional Support IU15
Why are we using the technology?
Lesson = Learning Activities
What is it all about, really??? About the kids… is a quick response tool like Wishwall
Use for Brain storming, Notes, categorizing….
Cheryl focused on using Brain Based learning and Learning Styles to deliver the content from SAS. The SAS is the guide that Technology is intertwined. There needs to be balanced technology and traditional instruction.
Vocabulary -
Visual Thearsaus
Word horor?
10 to 2 rules… 10 minutes of direct instruction then a quick formative assessment.
Quick assessments:
Webnote… OR pencil and paper…
Scriblink - Collaborative website like a Whiteboard…
Zoho notebook
Yaplet - Back channeling that can be locked down
Book Glutten
ASCD Whole Chicld